Join the lab!

If you are interested in joining our lab group, please email me to introduce yourself. It would be most helpful if you could outline how your research interests overlap with mine and describe what you would be interested in working on during your time at McGill. Please also include your CV. Note that being able to provide some of your own funding will be a strong advantage for being accepted to the lab. Below I provide some information about the application process at McGill and some potential funding sources. Some of the benefits of work in my lab include the potential for collaboration with a truly excellent and interactive group of people at both the Redpath Museum and Biology Department, a well developed research program, field work in amazing locations (e.g., herehere and here), and living in Montreal, which is an awesome city!

Admissions requirements for graduate school

Information for postdoctoral fellows

Departmental deadlines

Canadian residents and citizens:
  1. March 15th for September registration
  2. October 15th for January registration
International students:
  1. January 15th for September registration
  2. August 15th for January registration


Here is a handy guide to help determine your eligibility for various forms of financial support.

If you’re not from Canada, click here for a useful search engine to find funding sources tailored to your country of origin.

And here are a bunch of other funding sources I’ve come across (some for Canadians and others for international students/fellows):


McGill Tomlinson

NSERC Vanier


McGill BESS program

McGill NEO program

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Quebec Merit Scholarship

Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science


Fullbright Canada

European Union

Marie Curie

Marie Sklodowska-Curie

EDEN Evo-Eco-Devo

Postdoctoral Fellowships

A little advice…

Prof. Scott Keogh has compiled an excellent list of resources and advice for students and postdoctoral fellows here.

And if you’re about to contact me to inquire about grad school, check this out!


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